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my journey into wisdom and knowledge

is a scientist, bodyworker, conscious healer, and ecstatic shaman. The purpose of her life is to reunite consciousness-based healing practices with modern medicine. Hence her interdisciplinary approach merges yin & yang, masculine & feminie, science &  experience, wisdom & knowledge.

Kasia has close to 15 years of scientific experience in the area of biomedicine. Her search for deeper meaning and own healing drove her to study integrative approaches and non-materialistic sciences.


In her work, she combines neuroscience, mindfulness-based approaches, somatic and body centred therapies, sexological bodywork, individual and collective trauma healing, shamanism and herbalism.

Integrative Approaches


The integrative embodiment for healing with a focus on sexuality.

The integrative approach to food and eating for healing.

International School of Temple Arts ISTA (planned)

Mystery School Ecstatic Self  (in training)

Serena Laura Leu​

Pelvis Practitioinaire IISBW (in training)

Jeannie Hug

Sexological Bodywork IISBW (in training)

Jeannie Hug, Didi Liebod

Conscious Healing

Thomas Hübl

Mindful Eating- Conscious Living ME-CL

Char Wilkins,​ Jan Chozen Bays

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training MB EAT

Jean Kristellar​, Andrea Lieberstein

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR

Ela Amarie

Western Approaches


Connecting people for efforts to develop animal-free therapies

TEDD Competence Centre, Switzerland

Tissue Engineering for Biomedicine

Zürich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Cancer Biology

 Institute Curie, France

Marine Biology

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA

Cell and Tissue Biology 

Medical Research Council, UK

Nutrition and Cell Biology

PhD, University of Cambridge

Biotechnology 2006

MSc, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Mentors and Teachers


Systemic Psychotherapy

Konrad Olszewski 

Chinese Traditional Medicine

Annie-Laure Fernandez Unsworth

Hatha Yoga


Tantra, Sexual Shamanism

Roger Spies

Bondage Discipline S/M, Shibari


Ecstatic Dance

Quantum Healing Hypnosis by Dolores Canon


Diamond Approach

Thomas Hübl


Ela Amarie

Ayurveda, Argentine Tango, Buddhist Contemplation Practices

Annie is an intuitive healer and coach. She supports others in their intuitive development, energetic healing, using Traditional Chinese Medicine and other modalities that aim to balance and align the mind, body, soul, heart and spirit.

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Zürich, Switzerland


Dr Kasia Kopanska​​

e-mail: hello@kasiakopanska.com

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