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Wind in the Hair


coherence of your outer and inner system

There are many definitions of healing:

  • A drive towards dynamic balance, bringing us closer to our true essence. 

  • No longer having a physical or mental illness.

  • Deeper wisdom that helps me to manage illnesses and difficulties in life.

  • The joyful process of becoming whole in body, emotions, mind and spirit.

  • The restoration of the original movement of life.


There is separation or avoidance


There is balance and this is healing


There is merging or fight

What does my inner and outer system of health mean?

In my work with you my goal is to invite you into the journey of your personal health so you can be happy, have meaning and purpose and fulfilling relationships. This requires looking at the whole system you live in: your inner and the outer system.

The state of health represents the coherence and harmony of our inner and outer system: presence, body, emotions, thoughts, inspiration and relations.

  • The joyful process of becoming whole in body, emotions, mind and spirit.

  • The restoration of the original movement of life.

What is 


Important things in my daily life

We all wish to be happy, to have meaning and purpose, to be “a good person” and to have fulfilling relationships. Across the globe we consider health to be essential in order to fulfil these wishes. But what does it mean to be healthy and how is it related to happiness?

In our modern world, we have the most advanced medicine since we can remember. Clinicians monitor our bodies for adverse outcomes. By assessing high blood pressure, abnormal blood glucose levels, or cancer recurrence, clinicians may equate the absence of disease with health. Public health officials, meanwhile, regularly track rates and leading causes of mortality, morbidity, or risk factors (eg, tobacco use, obesity, drug overdoses).

These approaches, while necessary and valuable, can fall short of capturing what is most important to people in their daily lives - happiness, meaning, purpose and fulfilling relationships.

Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

Constitution of the World Health Organization 1946.

Why does health mean to you?

Flourish with you potential

To flourish was used for thousands of years and means “to grow” or “to prosper”. Let’s answer these few simple questions.

How do we heal?

Potential to be healthy is inside each of us

The remarkable ability of living organisms to heal reflects a basic principle of life, the naturally occurring aim to move towards health.


The intention and invitation to heal is a process of creating space for the natural wisdom to guide us. The idea is to expand yourself in a way that you can hold more and learn how to transform your experiences into our life.

Just like a bigger cup can hold more water - when you heal you can hold more of the life.

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