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FEEL your self AGAIN

embodiment - sexuality - science


To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life.

Anodea Judith

Do you want to understand the language of the body and feel it more consciously?

Do you want to release physical, emotional, and mental pain and trauma?

Do you want to live fulfilling and empowered sexuality?

Do you want to learn how to regulate and sustain your life energy?

Do you want to create deeper, more meaningful connections to yourself and others? 

In the life's transition and feeling lost? Ask your body.

Follow the embodiment inquiry to research which areas of your life are in the transformation process.

If you would like to work on a specific topic through a body-centered approach see below the sessions I offer.

Find your authentic Self through a body-centered nature-inspired process supported by my inner and scientific experience.

Unsure which session is right for you?


Events, talks, workshops, retreats, circles, ceremonies

About me



My most potent tools are unlimited access to my inner experience, the way I feel myself and others. My life's journey is that of "a wounded one". I have experienced and processed everything that I now facilitate.


Leaving my home country, friends, and family, challenged my sense of Self. The epic heroin journey to reclaim my authenticity has begun. To find who "me" is, I studied the human body's structure and function, dived into mindfulness-based approaches, body-centered practices, and shamanism. I discovered that when we live our true Self we have many homes: the body that carries our soul, the Earth, the people we love.


My journey continues. I am ready to share my knowledge and experience with all of you who search for freedom, truth, love, and peace.



In my work, I follow the process rooted in the principles of nature's cycles. The process of evolution has specific phases: expression, experimentation, integration, and transcendence

In the mentoring process, I will guide you through these phases of your life's transition.



As a scientist, I support organizations that contribute to evolving the scientific understanding and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices and expand the scope of scientific discovery beyond the constraints imposed by a purely mechanistic worldview such as the Consciousness and Healing Initiative and The Galileo Commission.

The manifesto for post-materialistic science encourages to seek to expand the human capacity to better understand the wonders of nature, and in the process rediscover the importance of matter, mind, and spirit as being part of the core fabric of the universe.

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