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Lose your mind, find your soul.

Our sexuality reflects who we are: free or inhibited, open or closed, alienated or connected, avoidant or attaching. It reveals our need to control and the capacity to surrender. Moreover, it directly connects us to the ecstatic intensity of life that is flowing through our bodies.

Embodied sexuality is a process of liberation, act of intimacy with ourselves, partners, and life itself. It allows us to create, to move through life empowered, authentic and fully alive.

 Heal with evolutionary connections.

Healing is the most fundamental principle of life. Instead of viewing an illness or trauma as a negative state, conscious healing sees it as a built-in process that is meant to guide individuals and groups for what they need to work on for their own evolution. We use a group (people, animals) power of a collective presence, coherence and attunement to heal. 

Restore harmony of Masculine and Feminine.

Drawing on traditional and modern practices, a sex shaman uses the power of erotic energy as healing medicine. They teach and assist in the healing of shame, guilt, fear, and sexual trauma and help to channel divine love and embrace sexuality freely. My role is to touch you in the deepest, most intimate parts of your being. You will be assisted to confess and surrender to the most profound longings of the body and the soul. You will be known and called forth into expression in the world as an ecstatic being.

Process & Tools

Reconnect with nature, food and eating.

Food is the most intimate source of pleasure and connection: to nature, ourselves and others. We eat to satisfy physical and emotional hunger. Looking at the way we eat tell us about our inner world - personality, traumas, spirituality, power relations and sexuality, and about our outer world, on how we connect.

Inhabit your body with awareness.

Our body is a home for our emotions, mind and soul. It is through the body that we manifest the life on Earth. To feel truly powerful means to unify two opposites: will and surrender. In power, embodiment we use our Ego will and Higher Self surrender to manifest the desires and purpose. We learn to work with intention and the flow.  

Access the universal pool of inspiration. 

The creative moments of our life are the most exciting experiences. They are the touches of divine power, essential moments that make life worth living. Every essential moment has a creative movement where something deep happens. Eros drives and belonging manifests creation. In intuitive creativity, we connect with both forces to unleash our deep potential. 

Learn and study integrative science. 

The integrative science includes all types of human experiences. It emphasizes a deep connection between ourselves and nature. This understanding is essential for health and wellness and has been preserved in mind-body-spirit practices, and contemplative approaches. I strive to contribute to studies of consciousness and healing.

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