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What is the embodiment?

  • The gentle coming back home to the body

  • A view of the body as more than a machine

  • Being aware as a body

  • Being fully alive, and most simply human

Notice your arm. Approach a warm cup of tea. Touch the cup and notice how it is - texture, temperature. Now relate back to your arm - as a part of you. Feel it and move it. Remember how the arm was a part of your life: cooking meals, writing, touching the loved once. Notice your feelings and thoughts.

What will you gain by developing embodiment?

You will:

  • have a choice in how you are and be more connected to your needs and values

  • use your emotions to serve you and others in the best way 

  • heal your individual and family dramas and traumas: addictions, mental and physical problems

  • fall in love with your body again

  • be a more sensitive parent, more vibrant lover, more compelling leader

  • deepen your motivation, creativity, pleasure

  • develop a clearer sense of your life’s purpose.

How do we work together with your embodiment?

We will use the following general structure however, we allow the process to guide us and show us the most valuable way.

Imagine the process as the year and the stages as seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each part has a different character and goal. The stages are moving from one to another and repeat. It is actually life’s journey and the more you practice the more fun it is. We also leave plenty of unplanned room to allow self-organisation - an innovative, creative force to give us answers.



Start with what is

  • feeling of body sensations

  • awareness of emotions

  • noticing thoughts


Play to move what you found

  • receiving and giving touch

  • practicing visualisations

  • utilising sound and


Bring it all creatively together

  • developing personal practice

  • sharing and exchanging with others

  • connecting to your purpose


Allow the life to flow

  • practicing letting go

  • being present for others and practicing

  • listening
    allowing self-organisation

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