In my work want to bring into awareness three major Western civilization taboos: sex, death, and money. They are the domain of the lost feminine.

Money is not a thing; it is an agreement within a community to use something as a medium of exchange. An incredible variety of objects or conventions have been used as money by different societies.  But in all cases, just about everybody in each community takes entirely for granted their money system. It’s something inherited, and its use goes on unquestioned. In other words, money tends to be an unconscious agreement.

In societies where the feminine and masculine principles were equally present, sex, death and money were not the taboo topics they have become in our modern world. To become “whole” – individually and collectively healthy – we need to integrate these split-off energies into consciousness. The sought-after outcome is to find a new balance between masculine and feminine energies, an equilibrium that honours the specific contributions of both polarities. I seek to light our wounding about money and thereby make it our servant instead of our master.

In my work, I embrace the conscious approach towards energy exchange. I offer my sessions at a specific price based on what I consider sufficient for my time and knowledge to continue to create the environments for us to grow and evolve as a society.  However, each price is an agreement, and my vision is to support those in need and who cannot meet the expected price level (young people, students, unemployed, people in crisis). Money is not the only medium of exchange. 

Your health and happiness is part of collective healing.

You as an authentic self who found the purpose serve society. 

If you need support in your evolution but hesitating due to the regular offer price, please talk to me.

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