The initial unconscious embodiment process.

As children, from our parents and ancestors, we received a house - "a self" body, emotions, thought patterns.


The conscious embodiment process.

As adults, we fully own this house our body, emotions, thoughts. We can "repair" it - heal any damage from the past and "re-furnish" it - grow, add a garden or another room. We restore the initial flow of life through us. 

The process

I have a feeling that there is much more to life...


 Start with what is

  • feel body sensations

  • be aware of emotions

  • notice your thoughts

  • discover your traumas

  • learn about your genetics


 Play with what you found

  • receive and give a touch

  • practice visualizations

  • use sound

  • move, dance

  • develop personal practices


Become what you want

  • be with yourself

  • create relationships

  • connect to nature


 Allow to let go and flow

  • be present for others

  • practice listening

  • allow self-organization

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Dr Kasia Kopanska​​


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