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Sexological Bodywork

sexological bodywork


Our sexuality reflects who we are: free or inhibited, open or closed, alienated or connected, avoidant or attaching. It reveals our will power and the capacity to surrender. Sexuality directly connects us to the ecstatic intensity of life that is flowing through our bodies.


Embodied sexuality is a process of liberation, an act of intimacy with ourselves, partners, and life. It allows us to create, and to move through life empowered, authentic, and fully alive.


A sexological bodyworker accompanies people in making new experiences with their bodies, sensations, and sexuality.  It assists you in feeling your body in a more profound, conscious way in a process work called embodiment. Feeling your body increases the level of emotional self-awareness and connection to yourself and others. Deeper inner feeling helps to enhance the level of pleasure, releases shame and guilt, lowers pain, increases the sense of wellbeing, and supports your self-healing potential. With more body awareness you connect to the authentic expression of your sexuality and life energy. This might create a sense of deeper happiness and fulfillment in your life, and relationships. It teaches you how to love yourself first with truly unconditional love.


Sexological bodywork or somatic sexology is the meeting of somatics (which means focusing awareness through the body), with sexology (the scientific study of human sexuality). It incorporates practices from time-tested traditions such as yoga, meditation, and embodiment (a method of using the sensations of our body as a tool to develop greater self-awareness, connection, and presence). Sexological Bodywork is also informed by neuroscience, psychology, trauma theory, and somatic learning. 


I work with the principles that learning about our sexuality, arousal, and eroticism comes through integrated experiences in the body. My role is to encourage the client to develop an intention, suggest and carry out somatic practices, provide a safe space for exploration, and guide the client to integrate what they’re learning so that it's useful out in the world. I teach through embodied experience, which is not always the first port of call for a talk therapist or psychologist. Sometimes, that happens through incorporating touch with the client — that is a big difference. I believe that sexuality concerns and learning edges can be addressed ethically with a touch from the practitioner. Clients of somatic sex education can learn about their response to touch in different parts of their body; their arousal, their erotic landscape, directly through experience with a trained, compassionate practitioner who’s there in service of their learning. 


Sexological bodywork sessions are lively, creative, and very effective. They include conversation, mindfulness-based tools, and the full-body touch with the genital and breast area that is omitted in all other forms of bodywork. To engage the full being: body, mind, and spirit, I work with seven principle elements: touch, emotions, movement, breathing, sound, visualization, and presence (witnessing yourself).  


Perhaps you feel disconnected from your body and you are too much in your mind. Maybe you feel disconnected from your partner's body/s. The type of touch that used to turn you on doesn't anymore. You’re not sure what you like anymore. Perhaps you have never experience pleasurable sex or have been sexually abused in the past. 

Sexual function

  • Desire discrepancy / mismatched libido

  • Vaginismus & painful sex

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Difficulties with orgasm & climax

  • Anatomy & pleasure

  • Performance anxiety

  • Scars & pain

  • Post-birth & post-opertation pelvis function restoration

  • Anal health & pleasure

Relational inquiries

  • Intimacy & relationships 

  • Communication skills

  • Boundaries & consent

  • Expression & voicing desires 

  • Relationship choices and dynamics


  • Mindfulness & embodiment practices 

  • Eroticism & sexuality

  • Breath & movement

  • Changes in sex drive

  • Sexual self-confidence

  • Gender & body acceptance


The goal of our work together is to empower you into your authentic embodied sexuality. My role is to be your mentor and coach. I remain clothed throughout the whole experience, just like in other bodywork practices and coachings. Most of the methods require working with the full-body including the genital area. We mindfully discuss your comfort zone to make sure that you feel protected and relaxed. You are in charge of your own experience. and you define the speed of learning.

Sessions have the following general structure, tuned individually to fit your needs:

  • initial discussion

  • bodywork

  • closing discussion


Initial discussion

We start with an initial conversation around what’s going on for the client. We use that conversation to come up with an intention for the session — something that feels useful for the client, wherever they’re at. We define your goals, learning field, assess your current body and mind state. Here are example topics:

  • Embodiment Status - how do you inhabit your body, how do you breathe, how do your move, do you make sounds, do you touch yourself, are you feeling pleasure, pain, which parts of the body you feel or don't feel.

  • Sexual Biography - what is your sexual history, what are your earliest sexual experiences

  • Core Erotic Theme - what are erotic themes that influence your sexual/intimate life, what types of partners do you choose



I offer options based on our discussion, and you choose which practice will be most useful for you. A session will always involve the body. But you could be clothed, it might be completely hands-off, doing some breath or focused awareness work. Or it could involve touch that is one way from bodyworker to you. We always set boundaries around touch and clothing, based on what the client’s comfortable with, and in some cases, I’ll remind the client about my boundaries as a practitioner too. We might include one or more of the tools from the following:


1. Coming into the Body - a warm-up practice that moves your focus from the thought realm into the feeling. It can include breathwork, dancing, meditation, creating sounds, shaking, moving your pelvis, singing. 

2. Self-Love Coaching - learning how to provide yourself with self-touch that becomes your personal practice like yoga, meditation, or fitness.

  • Orgasmic Yoga - a mindful masturbation practice that allows you to develop a stronger connection to your body, trains the nervous system to feel pleasure, removes the sense of shame towards your body and sexuality, creates a sense of deep connection between your heart and genitals, allows to establish a connection to your values and meaning.

  • Self-Love Witnessing - the experience of being seen by the bodyworker in your self-love experience that might heal shame connected to your sexuality, liberate unconscious blocks, help you to connect with your innocent sense of self.

  • Self-Love Mirroring - the experience of being mirrored by the bodyworker that allows you to see your body and behavior patterns in how you move, breath, touch. 

  • Self-Love Support - the experience of self-love practice in the embrace of the bodyworker that allows you to encounter a deeper sense of unconditional presence, support, and self-compassion.


3. Genital Meditation - experiencing an undisturbed, non-goal oriented meditative genital touch provided by the bodyworker to deeply feel yourself, observe the body sensations, experience a profound level of relaxation, access subconscious states, release blocks. ​Here the bodyworker strokes your genitals in a very mindful, slow way in silence. 


4. Pelvis Mappings - establishing a map of your external and internal genital and anal area to understand your sense of feeling of the tissues, releasing tensions, emotionally de-armor.  Here the bodyworker touches point by point external genitals, vagina, anus and asks about our physical sensations, emotions, thoughts. 


5. Genital Research Journey - learning and understanding what type of touch brings you pleasure and training your orgasmic and ecstatic potential. Here the bodyworker will provide you with various strokes in the genital area and in a mindful exchange you find the best way of being touched.


6. Erotic Massages - receiving a full body erotic touch, where you are supported by the bodyworker but in charge of your own experience. Here you learn to embody ecstatic states, distribute sexual energy and pleasure in the whole body. ​

  • Erotic Dance Massage - the experience of tantric style delicate, flowing erotic touch with music and full-body movement.

  • Taoistic Erotic Massage - the experience of more focused erotic touch involving breathwork, pelvis movement, genital stimulation that might end with a technique called the Big Draw

Closing discussion

After the practice, there’s a period of stillness where the client ‘installs’ and integrates what they’ve learned from the body, and then we talk about how it felt, what came up, and how you can integrate it into your regular sex life.  Often we’ll agree on some homework, which could be a range of solo or partnered practices that allow you to continue your learning at home. Once I’m sure you’re back inside your comfort zone and ready to move on, you’ll head back out into the world. If we’re doing a session online, the somatic focus is basically the same, just at a distance. ​


According to the guidelines of the European Association of Sexological Bodyworkers, Certified Sexological Bodyworker - International Insititute of Sexological Bodywork (CSB-IISB) opens very confidential spaces of experience, whereby the client's emotional and physical vulnerability is respected and protected. In this regard, the setting of such an experience space is always to be understood as a learning experience for the learner or client and is never to be understood as an interactive act on a sexual or emotional level. In group and individual sessions, CSB-IISB remains dressed, even if their students and clients are naked in the sexological bodywork. The contacts are always one-sided. Students and clients can bring their partners with them if they want to learn interpersonal, erotic skills, or they can share or learn together in consultation with other students. CSB-IISB are aware of the power that lies in their role as teacher/counselor/companion and they will not abuse this power to exploit their learners/clients. CSB-IISB will terminate their professional services and relationships with the learner/client if these services are no longer needed or are of interest to the learner/client. We are conscious and make our students conscious that while we share authentic intimacy, Sexological Bodywork sessions will neither fulfill CSBs, nor their students' desire for sexual connection.

Right now I am at the certification stage at the International Institute for Sexological Bodywork IISB® (until mid-2021).

Currently, I give sessions based on a PAY WHAT YOU CAN basis. Regular prices are stated below.



1.5 hours

CHF 160

  • get to know each other

  • understand your current situation

  • inquire about the status of your body and mind



3 hours

CHF 340

  • get to know each other

  • specify learning fields and goals

  • dive into somatic bodywork (including pelvis area, genitals, breasts) to see your embodiment state



3 x 3 hours CHF 960

5 x 3 hours CHF 1500

  • deeper transformative work

  • sustainable  learning

  • sessions recommended every 2 - 3 weeks



3 hours

CHF 350

  • rework a very specific subject

  • best for sustaining learning process after deeper mentoring work


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