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I am Kasia Kopanska

I desire to co-create a world where we can live in harmony with our inner and outer nature.


Welcome to My World


Honoring the Body

I desire to contribute to devotion to body consciousness and qualities of intuition, vulnerability, interconnectedness, beauty, and compassion. 


Briging and Connecting

I strive to bridge medical and therapeutical approaches with traditional Earth-centred medicine and hermetic traditions.

Deep Feminine.png

Deep Current

I studied with feminine gnosis teachers and indigenous medicine women around the globe.

These are the qualities of the deep current of reality - the divine living in the body.


Holotropic States

I advocate safe use of psychedelics for healing and creativity. I believe the use of plant medicine is the right of the community, and wisdom keepers, not only Western medicine.


Ask Me Anything

Why did you create Integral Embodiment?

Out of my passion my own healing, and a calling to service to the Earth and Her beings. I love learing and sharing my knowledge.

What tools do you use?

  • trauma theory, neuroscience, and somatics

  • psychedelic states and transpersonal psychology

  • breathwork, sound medicine, bioenergetics

  • touch and bodywork

  • plant medicine

  • feminine shamanic technologies

Were you always healthy and happy?

No! Since childhood suffered generalized anxiety and later clinical depression.

What established modalities do you use?

  • Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release BBTRS 

  • Sexological Bodywork

  • NeuroAffective Relational Model NARM

  • Somatic Experiencing SE

  • Bioenergetics by Lowen

  • Internal Family Systems IFS

  • Polyvagal Theory PV

  • Family Constellations

  • Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP)

  • and many more

How long is your experience in guiding people?

I have been blessed to guide hundreds of people in their journey to authenticity in groups, sessions, and ceremonies since 2018.

What have you been doing before?

I have a Ph.D. and 20 years of research experience in cell and tissue biology. ​I am still working part time at the univeristy.

Professional Education and Experience


Body Mind Modalities

Psychodelics and Compassionate Inquiry with Dr Gabor Maté
Certified Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release Practitioner
2021 - 2022
Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Pelvis Practitioner
2020 - 2021
Conscious Healing
Char Wilkins and​ Jan Chozen Bays​
Jean Kristellar and Andrea Lieberstein
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR
Animal Communication
since 2019

Science Expertise

Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering Researcher
since 2014
​Cancer Biology Researcher
2013 - 2014
Marine and Material Biology Researcher
PhD Studies in Cell Biology and Nutrition
2008 - 2012
MSc Studies in Biotechnology
2001 - 2006

Ceremony Initiations

Healing Potential of Sacred Mushrooms
​The Ceremony and Science of Psilocybin
Rose Linage Mysteries Initiation
2020 - 2021

My Story

The paradise: ancestry and birth


This story starts in rural Poland, in a small, sleepy town with a terribly long name, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. It is a very unsettling time of the 80s, a time of hopes and anxieties. The collective never recovered from the history of collective trauma: invasions, world wars, communism, yet is hungry for the new "paradise" of capitalism. Catholic church recently chose the Polish pope, who is the nation's most significant spiritual influencer.

In the countryside, in the forestry region of Góry Świętokrzyskie, an ancient Slavik power spot, strongly connected to legends of witches, two young people meet, marry and "decide" to have a baby. The little girl is born.

The family brought her up to be a "good girl", a helper, and a soother. So, she becomes like a thermometer, feeling people's emotions and their state of well-being, leaving little space to herself. She feels very alone. She wants to go back, but where?

Her freedom is in nature around the farm. She spends countless hours alone on the meadows and in the forest, listening to and talking to stones, mushrooms, plants, and animals. She learns about death and birth. At the age of 10, she encounters her first conscious spirit animal - the little deer.

The hell: education and depature

Kasia goes to school and is a first-class student. Anger is forbidden; rebelling is not an option. But she also draws and writes poems and fantasies. She sometimes "sees" and "hears" things that no one else does. She wants to understand life and nature. She is fascinated by witches, ghosts, dinosaurs, cemeteries, old attics, horror movies, and all beyond ordinary. She is often sad.

She finishes school and starts her beloved biology at the university in Warsaw. The anxiety becomes her everyday friend. She starts to experience her body as foreign; the world and herself are not real. She falls in love a lot and discovers a conflict between empowerment and disempowerment of her sexuality. She dances. She goes between times of motivation and despair. She craves to be with people who are weird and dark like her. She experienced her first significant depressive episodes.

At the age of 26, following an unconscious calling, and leaves Poland. She dives into science in UK, USA, France, Switzerland. She learns about people, places, food, and relationships. She loses her spirituality. She suffers from many depression episodes. With each suicidal thought becoming more intrusive and stronger. Her body starts screaming: pay attention to me!!!


The purgatory: claiming water and looking for fire


At the age of 35, her initiation into the dark night of the soul unfolds, and she dives into a deep two years-long depression. Amidst suicidal thoughts, she and her loved ones are in despair. This is a state of spiritual emergency. Ultimately, she is ready to surrender to her life's myth. She is guided by her years-long collaboration with a doctor and therapist. She works with holistic medicine guides and mentors. A dear friend warmly calls her "the Queen of the Void". She has her first psychedelic experiences - she understands that she always had access to this realm.

She receives gifts of support and resources to search, learn, and experience. She expands her boundaries in love, sexuality, professional life. She cries many tears, experiences pain and ecstatic bliss. She discovers the grounding power of her moon cycle connecting her directly to the Great Mother. She re-connects to the transpersonal realm and learns to communicate through her heart. Finally, she is starting to lets go of the stories and live in the present.

The re-birth: true power, creating reality

Well, the story goes on, and I am going through cycles of birth, hell, purgatory, and re-birth every day, every moment. I feel a stable internal flame that always burns inside me. I surrender to fear, anger, and sadness - they become my allays. I experience crazy synchronicities. I meet incredible people, animals, plants, and minerals that fill me with tremendous energy. My creative power is awakening. I still feel hopeless from time to time. I love all that is "weird".  


I am on a journey with no destination in a beautiful vehicle of my human body. LIFE Is A CEREMONY.

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