reuniting health & well-being of complex systems we live in

Consciousness & Healing Initiative |


Empower individuals and societies with the knowledge and tools to ignite their healing potential and thus lead more healthy, fulfilling lives.


Evolving the scientific understanding and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices via Transdisciplinary Research, Education and Outreach, and Technology Innovation.

The seven parts of health have been described by modern psychologists starting from first interpretations known as Maslov Hierarchy of Needs and then further developed by the next generations of scientists.  The roots of this understanding are much deeper dating back many thousands of years with medical systems of Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanism and many more. In fact each culture had its own medicinal system and despite often huge distances, no communication they shared many similarities. Since hundreds of years western and traditional medicine approaches are almost completely separated.

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Zürich, Switzerland


Dr Kasia Kopanska​​


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