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The power of the session is our authentic, trustful connection. We co-create together. 

We all desire to be whole.
I offer you a radical shift to the classical therapy approach.

Embracing your experience instead of pathologizing and diagnosing.
Leting your inner process unfold instead of forcing change by rationalizing and controlling.
Learning to trust your body's intelligence to restore a state of wholeness.

In my definition
Wholeness is NOT the state of infinite bliss, health, and complete control over your life.

Wholeness is


Valuing and honoring your human experience.


Opening your heart to authentic vulnerability, imperfection, and interdependence.


Embracing your gifts and realizing the service towards others.

Why not only talking? 

Symptoms like depression, anxiety, panic, compulsions, and addiction emanate from the mind's hidden, more primitive, non-conscious parts. There is solid evidence suggesting that these symptoms come from life experiences that have taken place in childhood. To release and heal these patterns we need to tap into the subconscious that is stored inside our body.

The non-rational
sensations, emotions, thoughts, and images are your body and mind’s way of expressing deep, subconscious truths that have shaped you. This processing has little to do with insight and understanding. 

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What do I offer with Integral Embodiment?

I offer one-to-one and group sessions, workshops, retreats, and ceremonies to support you in transforming the wisdom of attachment, relational and developmental trauma into physical and mental health, aliveness in relationships, and a sense of agency and purpose.

I always work in connection to the body. The process is grounded in both scientific and traditional methods, emphasizing breathwork, movement, sound expression, therapeutic touch, and altered states of consciousness. I have a Ph.D. in biomedicine with more than 20+ years of research and educational experience.


Releasing Trauma

Open up natural self-regulation mechanisms, learn to talk to your body, unlock the flow of your life force, and map your psyche in the body.


Somatic Relating

Explore relationships through the body, and express your life force in heart-centered intimacy where love and sexuality flow together.

Expanding Self.png

Expanding Self

Dive deeper into body centred psychedelic state to uncover the mystery of life force, expand creative potential, and meet your purpose.  

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