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When we Receive through the Body as a doorway, when we Savor, we EXPERIENCE the Wholeness of Refuge.


We experience the quality of Fulfillment. Bliss, Freedom, Holding.


The Body is the doorway in.

Sally Ride

Maya Luna

oracular poet, founder of Deep Feminine Mystery School   

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Integral Embodiment is relational and open-hearted.

We can restore our fundamental rights to reconnect at any time in our lives with ourselves, others, and the world. We believe we must bring the body and mind together, just like in the ceremony.

In our process, the body is addressed first through breath, movement, sound, touch, and emotional expression to restore its natural self-regulation mechanism. We then work with parts of the psyche to restore healthy relational capacity. Finally, in non-ordinary states of consciousness, we open up further to reach deeper truth and meaning. 

We start the process exactly where you are now and at your own pace. You are the only one who holds full authenticity. Your experience is honored. 

Our body is the resource to feel that we belong to the world and that our life makes sense. Through the body, we develop attachment and aliveness, and we can live our purpose authentically serving the world. The body is where we find the truth about ourselves. 


We gently open your body with Biodynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release to resolve interrupted autonomic nervous system responses and balance your sympathetic with the parasympathetic branch. Opening tissues allows us to fill them up with the biological life force (emotions). Imagine a  stable earth system (body) where clean river waters (life force) flow effortlessly. 


The freely flowing life force, i.e., emotions, is now available to us and can be utilized externally. We grow as individuals in intimate relationships: friendships, romance, sexuality, and work. Somatic relating in a safe space to explore how the life force of emotions becomes creative essence - the will. Will moves emotions into our hearts. Imagine river water (life force) being heated by the fire (will) to create steam (creative essence).

With an open body, and flowing life force, burning will express creative essence. You are ready for the acts of service and meeting with Self, your inner beloved, beyond space and time. With embodiment practices, breathwork, and plant medicine, we can enter psychedelic states that disrupt our ordinary consciousness allowing access to more profound wisdom. We aim to bring it back into the body and relationships and not as an escape or means of dissociation. 
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