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The CEREMONY focuses attention so that attention becomes intention. If you stand together and profess a thing before your community, it holds you accountable.


Ceremonies transcend the boundaries of the individual and resonate beyond the human realm. These acts of reverence are powerfully pragmatic. These are ceremonies that magnify life.

Robin Wall Kimmerer

indigenous Potawatomi, a scientist, explores reciprocal relationships between humans, plants, and the land.

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Enjoy My Art of Life's Ceremony

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Life is a ceremony unfolding in our bodies.

We see existence as a ceremony, an infinite unfolding spiral of experience. It is a journey of our vital life force inside our body, exploring what our creative potential is. It is not about survival or improvement but feeling and learning. Every moment is an opportunity to savor the magic of our existence here and now. 

We are born into nature and a collective system with laws and cycles. We have fundamental birth rights: belonging, aliveness, and authenticity.

Ceremony brings the sacred into ordinary life. Ceremonies have been used for thousands of years to navigate change and welcome new cycles. Performing ceremonies bridge the material with the unseen world.

A ceremony is an event at a certain time, in a certain space, with an intention, within a community (your inner space is also a community). In the ceremony, we meet ourselves and each other with reverence, gratitude, and humility. We see the beauty in oneness, interconnectedness, and separateness. 

When we take life as a ceremony, it creates inner peace as we see that everything has its place, cycle, consciousness, and meaning. Life is a marriage of heaven and earth, spiritual and material, maternal and paternal.

The Science of the Life's Ceremony
The Life as a Ceremony - Embodiment Cycle
  • Expression is where the creative potential is seeded.
  • Experimentation is where the potential becomes the life force.

  • Integration is where the life force is expressed.

  • Transcendence is where the life force comes back to the source as an act of service.


The Embodiment Cycle

The Birth as a Ceremony - the Basic Perinatal Matrix by Stanislav Grof
  • BPM I is the phase of the fetus floating within the womb in a timeless state.
  • BPM II is the phase where the womb begins closing in, compressing us and pushing us towards the birth canal. 

  • BPM III is when we actually enter the birth canal. 

  • BPM IV is our emergence from the birth canal into the world. 


2 December 2022

The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life

Sandra Ingerman

We perform ceremonies to mark important events and celebrate holidays—yet our modern approach to ceremony only scratches the surface of its true potential.

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