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Psychedelic Salon and Embodied Expanding

In March 2024, I gave a talk at the Psychedelic Salon Basel, where I showed my method, Embodied Expanding, which explores the body and psychedelic states toward grounded and expanded life. 


Have you ever wondered what your body is doing while your mind is in a psychedelic state? In this talk, we will explore how embodiment is a universal feature of human life and why it was abandoned in consciousness expansion. We dive into how we can use bodywork as a form of self-study to uncover the root causes of physical symptoms and their emotional connections. We learn how to prepare the body to release trauma during psychedelic experiences, what physical reactions to expect, and how to integrate and hold expanded consciousness in the body.

Kasia Kopanska, Ph.D., is a somatic practitioner with a passion for exploring the relationship between psychedelic experiences and the body. With her experience in psychedelic-assisted therapy, touch, breathwork, and sexological bodywork, Kasia guides individuals and groups in discovering their sense of belonging, aliveness, and authenticity. Kasia is a student of feminine teachings committed to contributing to regenerating the lost feminine wisdom.


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