Closing the heart and/or sexual energy is a natural response to a painful separation wounds we carry. 
In this experience together we facilitate opening to feel both love and desire revealing power of your life force to create deeply fulfilling intimate relationships.

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Do you identify with one or more of these statements?
  • I want to feel more satisfied with my life.

  • I long for pleasure.

  • I encounter difficulties in my intimate relationships.

  • I experience difficulties in my sexuality.

  • I struggle with consent, boundaries, communication.

  • I have difficulties with self-expression.

  • I suffer from a lack of energy.

  • I feel my life is flat and with no colours.

  • I feel lonely.

Yes? Then you might benefit from this session.



In psychology, sexuality is a central aspect of human life and encompasses sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. Spiritual traditions like Taoism and tantra see sexual energy as a universal, raw force of life. Sexuality, when practised with awareness and skillfully, has the potential to provide a source of infinite creativity. In somatic approaches, every person has a subconscious, internal blueprint for arousal (sexual energy).


From the perspective of trauma theory, we speak about:

  • Core Erotic Theme (CET), a pattern that connects old childhood and adolescent wounds and conflicts with sexual arousal. CET drives our choice of partners and turnons without conscious awareness. When we understand our CET and bring it into consciousness, we heal sexual fear, guilt, shame, and we choose where to direct our sexual energy, i.e. toward ourselves, another person, creative activity, spiritual growth. 

From the perspective of pleasure, we speak about:

  • Erotic Blueprint, an arousal map that reveals your primary erotic language: energetic, sensual, sexual, kinky, or shapeshifter. People speak different erotic languages, and we can learn how to say any of them, bringing more intimacy and joy into the relationships.

Ultimately, psychology, somatics, and spiritual traditions declare that sexuality is an embodied skill. We are born with a particular set of tools and patterns that get reinforced during our life. However, we can consciously rework and upgrade them to explore profound freedom of embodied sexual expression.

Embodied Sexuality is inhabiting the body and the innocence of the body and allowing the wisdom of the instinctual body, not the agenda, not the intention, not the making but a true meeting of the other in the presence of an innocent heart, to awaken at the moment as this is the first time. 


Sexological Bodywork SBW is a healing modality that combines erotic and therapeutic touch, and in comparison with traditional coaching, SBW may include whole body or genital touch. The goal is to know your body’s sexual responses, your pleasure pathways, and what truly satisfies you, to release pain or dysfunction in your body, particularly pelvis and genitals, and to work with blocks to have a fully intimate life. In addition, you learn how to communicate your desires and boundaries verbally and non-verbally and in a connective way. It’s all about making room for the authentic expression of your eroticism.

The power of the session is an authentic, trustful connection between you and me. We co-create together.  The session is made of an intake and deciding what type of bodywork fits your theme, i.e. movement, breathwork, sounding, mindful self-love coaching, genital meditation, erotic massage, pelvis mapping, etc. The session ends with integration time and an outtake discussion.


  • I am fully dressed during the session.

  • The contacts are always one-sided (bodyworker towards a client).

  • While we share authentic intimacy, sessions substitute sexual or romantic connections.

  • You can provide me with information about yourself before the session.

  • If you have questions, contact me, and we will schedule a 30-minutes free phone call. 

  • Sessions are taking place in the Praxis in Zürich. Bring comfortable clothes.

  • There is a shower at the Praxis.


  • Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours before the appointment.

  • If cancelled less than 24 hours before the session, it must be paid in full.


Below are the regular prices of the session. However, if you have difficulties paying, please contact me. We find the solution.

Read more about my price philosophy.

All sessions are IN-PERSON. For the sustainable transformation of your learning book package of 3 or 5 three hours sessions.
    • Single session
      • 2 h - CHF 260
      • 3 h - CHF 390
    • Package 3 Sessions
      • 3 x 2 h- CHF 700 (10 % discount)
      • 3 x 3 h - CHF 970 (10 % discount)
    • Package 5 Sessions
      • 5 x 2 h - CHF 1100 (15 % discount)
      • 5 x 3 h - CHF 1600 (15 % discount)
    • Single session 1.5 h - CHF 110