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Do you crave freedomfulfillment, love, healthand realization of your creative potential?

In our life, we all reach a point where we start asking a key question "WHY?".

In many years of my personal healing journey, I found two powerful gates to answer the big "WHY".


Heal your BODY and MIND, access your SPIRIT, and establish deep, meaningful RELATIONS.


Welcome dear traveller

I'm Kasia and I love life

I am a scientist, healer, bodyworker, ecstatic priestess. My purpose is to support you to uncover your true potential with:

  • sexological bodywork

  • shamanism

  • conscious healing and energy work

  • mindfulness and mindful eating 

  • education in somatics, anatomy, physiology

  • mindful movement: dance, yoga, qi gong

  • plant medicine

  • creative role-playing and power dynamics

  • nature and inter-species communication



discover the world of your body, emotions, mind and spirit

  • Sexological Bodywork

    In a lively, creative, and very effective form of somatic bodywork we will combine body-oriented sexual counseling with sexological bodywork. With various methods, such as touch, breathing, movement, massage, and communication, you will find more body awareness and an authentic expression of your sexuality.

  • Conscious Healing

    In this heart-driven approach, we will dive into the discovery and mastering of your self-healing powers. With methods, such as mindfulness, movement, visualization, touch, medicinal plants, and biofield medicine you will learn how to support your body and mind in chronic and acute issues. 

  • Ecstasis Awakening

    Being ecstatic is an experience of total involvement in the now that creates a feeling of profound happiness. With methods of shamanism, sacred sexuality, archetypes, cycles, you will understand and learn how to use the divine polarity potential that flows through you to manifest your highest potential. 

  • Conscious Eating

    Food is the most intimate source of pleasure and connection: to nature, ourselves, and others. In this approach, you will learn how eating is a straight route to our bodies, senses, emotions, sexuality. With methods of mindful eating and body awareness, you will fall in love with food and you body.  

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understand research on complex systems we live in



learn about embodiment, science and healing


For hundreds of years western and traditional medicine approaches are almost completely separated. It is time now to integrate all the wisdom and knowledge of humanity to flourish.


My goal is to contribute to evolving the scientific understanding and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices so that individuals and societies are empowered with the knowledge and tools to ignite their healing potential and thus lead to more healthy, fulfilling lives.





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Dr Kasia Kopanska​​

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